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3 Reasons Why It's Important to Hire a Lawyer When Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people find themselves unable to earn a living due to physical or mental disabilities that prevent one from holding full-time employment. If you have a disability that prevents you from working, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, which will provide you with money to help you pay bills and keep food on the table. However, being approved for Social Security disability benefits is not a fast and easy process, which is why it is in your best interest to hire a disability lawyer to assist you. Some of the top reasons that it is important to hire a disability lawyer when applying for Social Security disability benefits include:

1. Proper Completion of the Application

Being approved for Social Security disability benefits involves a lot more than just submitting a simple application. When applying for disability benefits, all forms need to be filled out correctly, and you will need to provide ample medical evidence proving that your disability makes it impossible to work. Completing an application for disability benefits can be very difficult for someone who has never done so before. An experienced disability lawyer will ensure that every part of your application is correct and will also help you gather all evidence needed from your medical provider to show that you are disabled.

2. Undergo the Appeal Process if Necessary

It is essential to ensure that your initial application for disability benefits is done properly, but even with a lawyer's assistance, many people are denied disability benefits after their initial application. Luckily, being denied does not mean that you will never qualify for benefits since there is an appeal process. But, appealing a denial for Social Security disability benefits can be complex and complicated. A good disability lawyer will have a deep understanding of the appeal process and will make sure that all necessary information is submitted in advance of the mandated deadlines.

3. Have Representation at a Hearing

If your denial of benefits is not overturned after your lawyer files an appeal, you will have the opportunity to have a hearing before a judge. If you get to this point, it is extremely important to have a disability lawyer represent you. Appearing before a judge in a hearing can be nerve-wracking, and a normal person without any legal training will have a very difficult time trying to prepare. A good disability lawyer will build your case for you and have an abundance of evidence and information to present to the judge to show that you qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. 

For more information, contact social security disability law services. 

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