Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Should You Try Bird’s Nesting Child Custody?

Parents have more child custody choices than ever before, and one of the new ones is known as bird's nesting. This form of custody purports to affect a child of divorce less than other plans, but it's clearly not right for all parents. To get a better idea of what is entailed with bird's nesting custody, read on. Physical Custody and Legal Custody All parenting plans involve various combinations of physical and legal custody. Read More 

Facts About Probate To Keep In Mind

As if losing a loved one or someone close to you isn't bad enough, this is sometimes followed by a legal process called probate. During probate, the deceased person's estate is tallied up and possibly distributed to loved ones and friends as listed in the deceased's will or last testament. But the probate process itself can get complicated and turn into a headache if you are unprepared. Here's what you need to know. Read More 

Millennials And Divorce: Issues You Should Know About

Sadly, divorce among millennials is gradually increasing. For this age range, many couples choose to go through an uncontested divorce due to its economic benefits. An uncontested divorce is easier and faster, as long as there are no children from the relationship, and neither party of the divorce have a lot of debt or assets. However, there can be some problems with divorces and millennials, including the following: There Is More Debt Than You Realized Read More 

3 Questions To Ask Your Patent Lawyer

Do you have an invention that you want to protect from being stolen? If so, you'll need to file for a patent so that it will be protected under the law. Here are some questions you likely have about patents that you'll want to ask a lawyer. What's The Difference Between Patents, Copyrights, And Trademarks? It's important to know that there are three different ways to protect things that you have created. Read More 

Was Your Child Injured By An Adult Jumper At A Trampoline Park? 3 Tips To Handle Your Personal Injury Case

Trampoline parks have become a popular place for families to visit for their kids to burn off some energy and have some fun. While most trampoline parks make it clear that there is a risk for injury from jumping, it is natural to assume that these risks are low when everyone follows the rules.  Unfortunately, problems often occur when jumpers of mixed ages are allowed to jump together. Having an adult land on a child or exhibit risky behavior before you can stop it can lead to injuries. Read More 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Welcome, I'm Darby Church. I'd like to share my journey from retail manager to business owner using this website. My attempts to start a business of my own were complicated by the actions of an unethical party. In short, I shared too much information about my products and they were stolen before I could get the business off the ground. Luckily, I had already filed a trademark for those items, which meant they were protected by the law. I still had to hire a lawyer to help me win the case. I took the complaint to court to end the run of products from my unlawful competitor, so I could start running my business. The process enlightened me about the ins and outs of trademark law. I hope my experience can help you avoid the same pitfalls or fight for your products with help from a lawyer. Thanks for visiting.