Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Duty Of Care In Injury Cases

Everyone has a legal duty to act in a manner that doesn't endanger other people's safety. This is known as the duty of care. If someone acts without considering other people's safety, the person is said to have breached their duty of care. Such a person might be held liable for whatever the breach of duty might cause. Examples of Duties of Care Driving is a classic example of an activity that requires a duty of care to others. Read More 

Considering Mediation For Your Personal Injury Case? What You Should Know

If you were hurt by the negligent actions of another party and you want to receive compensation for damages, you may want to settle through mediation instead of going to court. Mediation will help prevent any stress or fears you may have about going through court. Instead, you and the defendant can settle your dispute yourselves, along with your attorneys. The following are some things you should know about mediation: Read More 

When An Injury Plateaus: What To Know About MMI Rulings

As insurance coverage goes, workers' compensation appears to be a bargain. Employers and not the employees pay the premiums for workers' comp coverage. When a worker is hurt or afflicted by an occupational illness, the benefits kick in. Unfortunately, not all workers recover from injuries and return to their jobs. Read on to find out what might happen if a ruling of maximum medical improvement (MMI) happens to a hurt worker. Read More 

Should You Try Bird’s Nesting Child Custody?

Parents have more child custody choices than ever before, and one of the new ones is known as bird's nesting. This form of custody purports to affect a child of divorce less than other plans, but it's clearly not right for all parents. To get a better idea of what is entailed with bird's nesting custody, read on. Physical Custody and Legal Custody All parenting plans involve various combinations of physical and legal custody. Read More 

Facts About Probate To Keep In Mind

As if losing a loved one or someone close to you isn't bad enough, this is sometimes followed by a legal process called probate. During probate, the deceased person's estate is tallied up and possibly distributed to loved ones and friends as listed in the deceased's will or last testament. But the probate process itself can get complicated and turn into a headache if you are unprepared. Here's what you need to know. Read More 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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