Understanding Trademark Law Protections

When Should You Speak With A Child Support Attorney?

Seeking or paying child support can lead to some thorny legal issues. Worse, given how family situations can evolve, these issues may appear more than once. If you're not sure if you need a child support attorney, consider hiring one in any of these four scenarios. Drafting an Agreement Even if you and the other parent are sure you can handle the situation in a friendly manner, you would both be wise to have a written agreement in place. Read More 

3 Crucial Services That A Property Tax Attorney Renders

If you are a real estate investor or homeowner, you'll have to deal with property taxes at some point. Unfortunately, property tax law can be complex and confusing. If you want to navigate the system, you need to hire a property tax attorney. Here are three services that they provide: 1. Negotiating with Taxing Authorities Disagreements over assessments can be costly and time-consuming. In general, taxpayers have a legal right to petition for a reassessment of their property tax if the value is too high compared with similar properties located within that municipality or county. Read More 

Why You Should Hire a Traffic Law Attorney for a DUI

DUI charges are serious business, and the penalties for a DUI conviction are huge. If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then it's essential to contact an experienced traffic lawyer to help defend your case. Here are three reasons why hiring a DUI attorney is important. The Penalties for a DUI Assuming that a person is convicted of a DUI, the penalties may include loss of license, jail time, fines, probation fees, and more. Read More 

The Steps Involved In Planning Your Estate

For many people, estate planning is the last thing keeping them up at night. Will their families be cared for after they are gone? It is normal to have these worries. Do you want to take the steps to plan your estate properly? This is what you will need to do. Meet With a Lawyer The first step involved in planning your estate is discussing your estate with your lawyer. Together, you will determine what assets you have and what you would like to do with them. Read More 

3 Factors Used To Identify Undue Influence

The preparation of a will is an essential part of estate planning. Without a legal will, a probate court won't know how a deceased individual wanted their assets to be distributed. Wills must be prepared and signed without any type of coercion or pressure. Otherwise, the will could be contested in court. Undue influence is one type of pressure that can be applied when trying to get someone to name a beneficiary. Read More 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Welcome, I'm Darby Church. I'd like to share my journey from retail manager to business owner using this website. My attempts to start a business of my own were complicated by the actions of an unethical party. In short, I shared too much information about my products and they were stolen before I could get the business off the ground. Luckily, I had already filed a trademark for those items, which meant they were protected by the law. I still had to hire a lawyer to help me win the case. I took the complaint to court to end the run of products from my unlawful competitor, so I could start running my business. The process enlightened me about the ins and outs of trademark law. I hope my experience can help you avoid the same pitfalls or fight for your products with help from a lawyer. Thanks for visiting.