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Delivery Worker Injuries: 3 Cases That Can Help Set A Precedent For Your Settlement

Delivering packages on a daily basis often means that you are entering the property of random people and can deal with a lot of unexpected surprises. In some cases, you may find that you get injured while making one of these deliveries. To help receive compensation for your injuries along with pain and suffering, a legal team may help you develop a personal injury settlement case. As a case is being built, it's important to look into cases of the past. Other settlements and similar injuries to delivery workers can help set a legal precedent that gets you the settlement and compensation you deserve. Browse through the following three cases to see how they can impact your own case and have similar circumstances that you can use as evidence.

Property Conditions

When delivering items to businesses and homes, there are certain expectations for the conditions of those home. When dangers are present, it can result in serious injuries to delivery workers. One of the best case examples of this comes from the state of New York. A FedEx worker was delivering a package to the business of a Broadway producer. The cleaning crew had mopped the floors in the morning, creating a slippery situation for the early business hours. As the man attempted to deliver the package, he slipped and fell, resulting in multiple injuries and permanent disability from working. As the case moved forward, attorneys were able to prove the dangers that were created by mopping during business hours and the man was eventually rewarded with a $3 million settlement.

As you build your injury settlement case, this is a great example of a precedent that showcase poor property care and management. If you were injured at a home or business, it's important to look at different pieces of evidence on the property and understand how they can relate to your case. Along with dangerous cleaning methods, poor weather treatment can create dangerous situations. For example, if snow and ice is left on walkways for days, then it can create dangerous walking conditions and be proven as negligence from the property owners. The other settlement cases can go a long way in showing how property owners should be responsible for these dangers and the injuries that occur.

Improper Security Measures

In some cases, a delivery worker may find themselves dealing with buildings that offer poor security or protection for the community. One case that can attest to this and help showcase your own legal precedence is a death case that occurred to a Florida food delivery man. As the delivery man brought food to an apartment complex, he was shot and killed. Lawyers representing the man's family took the apartment complex to court following the incident and received a settlement of $3 million. The main pieces of evidence in the case were the improper security measures and protection to prevent crimes within the apartment complex.

As you build your case, you may have to showcase how property security played a role in your injury. You may have been mugged, attacked, or robbed while attempting a delivery. Delivery doors may not have been properly secure, or there may not have been enough security measures to ensure the proper safety of visitors. All of these factors can come into play and using previous cases can make a huge difference when trying to prove your case and reach a settlement.

Dog Bite Cases

It may seem cliche, but dog bites are still a serious problem for delivery workers. This is one of the most common types of cases that you can find legal precedents for. In the state of Arizona, you can find all types of settlement cases related to dog incidents. One example comes from a postal worker named John Schmidt. The worker was bit on the calf by a dog and he opened a settlement case in a state where the average dog bite settlement reaches around $57,000.

It's important to use these cases to help get a settlement that you deserve. Dog bites can cause a lot of lost work time, emotional trauma, and extended injuries when the attacks are severe. With so many cases, a lawyer can track down ones with similar injuries and compare various settlement outcomes.

Contact a personal injury lawyer to help build your case and use their knowledge to find all types of similar cases.

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