Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Suing An Accountant For Laundering Money

Leaving an accountant over all of your business finances is a risky thing to do. However, the services of accountants are necessary when you have numerous other aspects of your business to focus on. If you found out that your accountant has been laundering money into his or her bank account, you might find that a regulatory compliance lawyer from a place like the Mohajerian A Professional Law Corporation will come in handy. You will need to prove that the accountant is laundering money before any of it can be recouped in court. Take a look at this article to learn how a lawyer can assist with the situation.

You Must First Explain the Duties of Your Accountant

When you speak with a regulatory compliance lawyer, he or she will need to know the specific duties that your accountant is in charge of. You will also be asked if the accountant is aware that you suspect him or her of criminal activity. If you have not yet alerted the accountant of your suspicions, you might be asked to hold off on doing it until an investigation has been done. The reason why is because it will allow the lawyer to monitor the accountants activity for a while.

The Situation Will Be Thoroughly Investigated

Your lawyer will find out how your accountant has been laundering money into his or her bank account. For example, if the accountant is in charge of payroll services, the lawyer will determine if fraudulent checks are being deposited into the bank account. A fraudulent check can be one that was written out by the accountant with a forged signature from you. The investigation will also include determining how much money the accountant has laundered from your business. Any past criminal activity of a similar nature will also be investigated.

The Regulations of Your Business Will Be Reviewed

You will have to give the lawyer documentation of all of your regulations in regards to the finances of your business. For example, the regulations must clearly identify what is considered criminal activity when it comes to the duties of your accountant. If your regulations are thorough enough, the documents can be used as evidence when the accountant is taken to court. You might also be asked if your accountant was informed about the regulations when he or she was hired. The lawyer will do everything possible to make sure that enough evidence is obtained to prevent the lawsuit from becoming a long court case.

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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