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Say It, Don't Say It: Quick Tips For Your Initial Social Security Disability Application

After having social security withheld from your paycheck for the majority of your working life, when you become disabled, you fully expect that the money will be granted back to you without a huge fight. Unfortunately, unless you are of retirement age, this is rarely the case. The struggle to get your Social Security Disability (SSD) starts with the initial filing process and the paperwork you fill out. The fact is, just a few mistakes on this paperwork and you can accidentally make your case even harder to win. Take a look at these things you should not say on your SSD and what to say instead. 

Don't Say: You have worked previously as a laborer. 

Instead Say: You have worked previously as a laborer in a specific industry and your job duties included...

If there is one spot where you do not want to go light on the details, it is with your work history. On your initial filing forms for SSD, you will be asked about your prior work history. Make sure you give those job titles and elaborate on what each specific position involved. For example, in the example used above as a laborer, you would need to explain further that your job duties included repeatedly lifting, walking several miles per day, climbing a ladder, and any other activities that you may be physically unable to do now because of your disability. 

Don't Say: You still do everything you can for yourself to stay independent. 

Instead Say: There are some things you must have help to accomplish at home. 

Both of these statements are stating similar information. You may do all you can to maintain a sense of independence, but it is better to draw attention to the fact that there are things you do have to have help with at home because of your impairments. The first statement sounds like you are fighting through and getting by without help, while the second proves you have problems. 

Don't Say: You have multiple health issues and impairments that affect your quality fo life and ability to work. 

Instead Say: Your health issues and impairments include...

It is highly important to be as specific as possible about your condition. The Social Security Administration needs to know what problems you are facing right down to the letter. Do not be brief in your explanations even if that means you have to include additional paperwork just to get everything down. 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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