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It's All In Your Head: Car Accidents And Brain Injuries

If you are the victim of a careless driver and are suffering from injuries, you should know that you are very likely entitled to compensation as a result. While almost any type of injury can be deceptively minor at first glance, some types of head injuries can have a long-lasting and devastating impact on your life. To get a fair and adequate amount of compensation, there are several things you may need to know about head trauma. Read on to learn more and to ensure that you make that careless driver responsible for what could turn out to be a permanent injury:

A common injury

A quick look at the interior of most vehicles can provide you with a compelling reason why you are so likely to take a hit to the head during a roadway collision. Vehicles must be strong enough to protect the inhabitants, but it is these areas of steel reinforcement that often come in contact with your head during crashes, and all the airbags in the world may not prevent you from striking your head with enough force to cause significant injury. Even the most minor of collisions could cause anything from a temporary bruising and swelling to more traumatic injuries to the brain, such as bleeds, pressure, concussions, and more.

A wide spread injury

The brain is wonderfully protected by the skull, but can still be very vulnerable impact and severe injury. Some injuries heal with little to no permanent damage, but many more cause memory problems and more. The brain is unique in that any injury to it has the potential to not only affect you physically but mentally and emotionally as well.


  • Dizziness
  • Speech issues
  • Balance issues
  • Headaches
  • Vision and hearing issues
  • Sleep problems


  • Depression
  • Concentration issues
  • Anxiety
  • Memory issues

Compensation for your head injury

At first, you may be unaware of the extent of your brain injury, but be sure to seek medical care after any accident just to be on the safe side. Become aware of any danger signs of possible brain injury in the following days after your accident and be sure to keep records of all medical treatments you do receive. You should know that you are entitled to be compensated for only your physical injuries, but for any emotional damage that resulted from your accident. This means that you can be compensated for mental health therapy, medications and for pain and suffering. Not only should you keep good records of your expenses, but using a journal to record your day to day thoughts and experiences can be wonderfully healing and will serve as a reminder of what you have through when it comes time to seek compensation. Whatever you do, do it the help and support of a personal injury attorney.

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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