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3 Vital Reasons to Consult an Estate Lawyer Regarding Your Will

Have you started to give more thought to what might happen once you pass on? Are you starting to write out your last will so that your family and friends know what you want to have happen to your belongings after you're gone? Many people do not give much thought to such things until it is far too late. By planning ahead now, you're ahead of where many people are. However, instead of simply writing out your will and leaving it at that, it's best to consult with a lawyer in order to make sure that everything is in order. Here are some reasons why:

They can ensure your will is valid and legal.

The criteria that will make a will valid differs somewhat from state to state. In some states, wills need only be written out by hand and signed by the writer in order to automatically be considered legally valid. In other states, the will needs to be signed by witnesses to be valid. You may even need the addition of a signature from a notary or other legally recognized entity. A lawyer will make sure that your will is valid now and will be as hassle-free as possible for your heirs.

They can guarantee your preferred dispersion of property.

In some jurisdictions, wills that do not explicitly name someone who would otherwise stand to inherit, such as a child or a spouse, gives that person grounds to contest the will and to potentially obtain some measure of the inheritance. If you specifically want to avoid a certain person or people from inheriting anything, a lawyer can help you draft the correct legal document that will allow your heirs to get what they deserve while leaving nothing to those whom you feel shouldn't get anything.

They can correctly file your will.

Filing wills with the state can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially for grieving family members. By leaving your will with a lawyer and leaving instructions for it to be filed after the lawyer is notified of your passing, you'll be leaving one less thing for your family to have to worry about. In addition, your family also won't have to spend time searching for the will in the first place before it can even be filed; your lawyer will have a copy that can be filed with little to no effort on behalf of your family and friends.

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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