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Your First DUI: Why You Need A Lawyer

Just because this is your first DUI offense and you don't typically have an issue with the law doesn't mean you don't need a lawyer. A DUI is a serious offense that can affect your life in many ways. Learn why you need a lawyer for your DUI defense, even if you are first-time offender.

You Could Face Jail Time

You could be sentenced to more jail time beyond the time you spent in jail when you were first arrested for your DUI. Your judge may determine jail time is appropriate for you if you caused an accident as part of your DUI, or if you had minors in the vehicle with you at the time of arrest. You need a great defense lawyer who is skilled in DUI practices to help limit the amount of time you spend in jail.

What your lawyer will do for you is this: they will attempt a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney. A plea deal usually involves trading one type of punishment for another. For example, your lawyer may try to negotiate extra community service or more costly court fees instead of additional jail time.

You Can Lose Your Job

If you got pulled over in a company vehicle or you have a special driving license that you need to keep clean in order to keep your job, a DUI can be detrimental to your career. You need a lawyer to help limit the amount of punishment you receive as well as protect your job as much as possible if you are fired or threatened with firing due to a DUI.

Your job may also be threatened if your career is a major community position. A school teacher, city council position, or other high-profile job in your community can be put at risk for even a first-time DUI. You can use your defense lawyer for damage control to help lessen the blow of a DUI as you deal with community backlash.

You Will Lose Your License

Every state has their own laws for losing driving privileges for first-time offenders. You'll lose your license, but you may also have to take a driving course, a DUI class, or face other repercussions related to your offense. Your lawyer's job will be to help reduce the amount of punishment you have so you can get your license back quickly and easily once you have completed the time allowance for losing it.

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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