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3 Things You Should Not Do When Fighting For Custody Of Children

Custody disputes create frustration, even when the parties involved want to be harmonious and reach a decision that is ideal for all involved. Laws can vary, and sometimes the disputes have complex circumstances, such as two individuals who are not married to each other seeking custody of a child. This is why most people seek a family lawyer to help them navigate the judicial system.

Sometimes temporary custody is awarded. This can reduce some of the stress and bickering. These temporary interventions usually have specific criteria outlined. Both parties are expected to abide by the conditions. It is easy to think that a temporary situation is unfair. However, sometimes information needs to be gathered and presented to courts to show why each person feels entitled to sole custody. Temporary custody also gives individuals opportunities to consider mediation and potentially reach legal agreements surrounding their custody disputes. The following points will help you understand what you should not do if you are involved in an ongoing custody dispute. 

Do Not Ignore Court Orders

Sometimes individuals involved in a custody matter get consumed with the portion of their court orders that pertains to custody only. They may overlook or not realize that there are other things listed in the temporary arrangement. For example, there might be stipulations regarding the days and times that the other party gets visitation. If an individual shows during the "cool off" period that they cannot abide by the court's terms, it could negatively impact a judge's custody decision. 

Do Not Stop Providing Support

Seeking to get custody of children suggests that both parties know that financial contributions and other types of support are necessary. Sometimes temporary agreements outline child support, and sometimes spousal support may also be listed. Individuals cannot choose to pay when they want to or focus only on child support and ignore a temporary spousal support decision. Not providing financial support based on the premise of there not being a temporary order is ill-advised because courts and parties involved know that it takes financial resources to properly care for children. If items such as clothing, athletic uniforms, and other things are purchased, receipts need to be kept to show proof. It is also wise to keep a record of other things paid for during the spit time. 

Do Not Do It Alone

It is wise for individuals with custody problems to seek legal counsel. This will ensure that they are able to effectively communicate their concerns on the complex matter. Lawyers know how to effectively convey concerns and display proper courtroom etiquette. They can speak on behalf of their clients or prep their clients for custody hearings. 

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