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Four Steps You Must Take After A Rideshare Accident As A Passenger

When you decide to request a driver through a rideshare app, you might be lost in your own thoughts since you don't have to pay attention to the road. The responsibility of getting you safely to your destination rests in the hands of the driver. However, an accident then suddenly happens without warning and you might have injured your neck. In a circumstance like this, you might wonder what steps you should take.

1. Remain in the Vehicle

After you have been involved in an accident while in a rideshare vehicle, you will want to remain in the vehicle until it is safe to exit the vehicle. The rideshare driver should contact the police and you will want to discuss the accident with the police and be honest about what you saw.

2. Take Photographs

If it's safe to leave the vehicle and you're not too severely injured, leave the vehicle and take photographs of the car, your injuries, any other vehicles involved in the accident, and the scene of the accident. These photographs can be used to establish everything that occurred during the accident.

3. Look for Witnesses

In a rideshare accident, there's always a risk of the accident turning into a case of your word against the word of the other individuals involved in the accident. Therefore, it's a good idea to interview any witnesses you can find because a witness can testify to your version of the events. 

However, it might be difficult to track down witnesses and there might be other forms of evidence at the scene of the accident you will need to preserve. Therefore, you should contact a rideshare accident attorney after you have been involved in an accident so you can make sure you start your auto accident case off on the right foot.

4. File a Claim with the Appropriate Company

There are various ways in which you can seek compensation for your injuries after the accident. Depending on the company that the driver works for, you might be able to receive compensation through an insurance policy that the rideshare company carries specifically for this type of situation. You may also be able to take legal action against the rideshare driver or another party.

Because it can be very complicated to determine liability, you should speak with a rideshare accident lawyer about what your next steps should be so you can receive compensation for your neck pain. 

Contact a rideshare accident attorney to learn more. 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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