Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Three Reasons To Consult An Attorney As A Commercial Property Owner And Developer

You may know a lot about commercial property, but the laws regarding them, as well as the land that is used for constructing new buildings, are best understood by attorneys. The following are three reasons you should consult a commercial real estate attorney before making decisions about the property you own or any new acquisitions you are considering. 

You are considering the purchase of land for development

You may have big ideas on what to do with a vacant piece of land or land that has existing structures you plan on demolishing. But knowing what you can and cannot do is something you need to consult with an attorney about. Zoning laws are often more complex than residential or commercial. There may have been zoning laws that were grandfathered in, but once a sale is made, the new owner will be subjected to new regulations. In general, there may be regulations that kick in after a change of ownership. If you have a specific plan for the construction on the land, a commercial property attorney can help you evaluate several potential sites to make a more informed decision on your purchase.

You are considering the purchase of property to improve it

If you have an idea of how to improve the value of a property, you may be able to make a calculation regarding the costs associated with these improvements and the value of the property after the improvements. However, this doesn't factor in whether you can legally do it. It may even be the case that you can do it, but due to regulations, you will incur additional costs that you were not planning on. If you consult with an attorney prior to making an offer on the building, you will avoid any legal surprises you might discover after the deal is finalized.

You are creating new leases for commercial tenants

If you purchased a commercial building with several tenants, you also purchased the existing leases. However, once these leases expire, you will likely want to draw up your own leases for your tenants. An attorney can go over the existing leases to determine their strengths and weaknesses. It is possible that the old leases could open you up to one or more liability issues. In addition, you will want the new leases to reflect what you expect from your tenants within the framework of the law. The higher-end your tenants' businesses are, the more likely they are to also have attorneys, so your lease needs to be both clear and lawful.

Whether you are thinking about purchasing land for development, improving an existing property, or creating new leases, consulting with a commercial real estate lawyer can help make your decisions better informed.

Contact a local commercial real estate attorney to learn more. 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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