Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Get Legal Help: 5 Signs That You Need A Tax Attorney

If you've got issues with the IRS, now's the time to hire a tax attorney. You might think you can deal with the IRS on your own, but that might not be the case. This is especially true if you're dealing with serious tax issues. If you're facing any of the situations described below, contact a tax attorney near you. 

You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

If you failed to file last year's tax return, you still have time to take care of that. If you failed to file several years' worth of tax returns, you need to hire a tax attorney. You might think that the IRS will overlook the missing returns. But, that might not happen. Once the IRS does notice the missing tax returns, you could be left facing expensive penalties and fines. That's why you need to hire a tax attorney. Your tax attorney can help you avoid the penalties and the fines. 

Your Taxes Are Being Audited

If you've received notice that your taxes are being audited, you might think you only need to contact your accountant. That's not the case though. You also need to hire a tax attorney. When you're selected for an audit, the IRS will comb through your tax returns. They'll want to see your receipts and all the documents you used to come up with the numbers. If the IRS finds discrepancies, you could face wage garnishments or tax liens. In a worst-case scenario, you could also face jail time. Don't take chances with an audit. Hire a tax attorney before you meet with IRS agents. 

Your Business Is Changing

If you want to make changes to your business structure, the best thing you can do is hire a tax attorney. This is especially important if you're changing the status of your company. This includes going from a sole proprietorship to a partnership or corporation. Those changes need legal guidance, especially when taxes are involved. Your tax attorney can help you avoid costly mistakes. 

You Need Estate Guidance

If you're making estate plans, you need to talk to a tax attorney. The decisions you make now could affect your beneficiaries once you're gone. A tax attorney can help you make decisions that will reduce the tax burden on your beneficiaries.

You Invest in Cryptocurrency

If you invest in cryptocurrency, now's the time to discuss your investments with a tax attorney. The IRS is focusing on investment income that stems from cryptocurrency. If you want to keep more of your investment income, you need sound tax advice. 

Contact a tax attorney to learn more. 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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