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5 Reasons For A Social Security Disability Claim Denial

Have you recently filed for Social Security Disability and had your claim denied? If so, you may be wondering why this could happen to your claim. Here are a few common reasons why this would happen.

You Have Insufficient Earnings

One of the requirements for Social Security Disability is that you must have contributed to the system prior to using the benefits. If you do not have enough earnings history to meet the minimum requirements to qualify, then the denial could be based purely on that alone. You would need to prove that you do meet the minimum requirements by showing pay stubs, employment records, and tax forms from previous years to show how much you've contributed.

You Have A Short-Term Disability

A requirement is that you must be a specific age to claim any Social Security benefits. However, a Social Security Disability claim is allowed if you have an injury that is going to last a long time and leave you unable to work regardless of your age. You may need to provide proof of your injury, as well as estimates from doctors about how long you will be disabled. 

You Do Not Have A Qualifying Condition

There is also a list of conditions that will qualify an individual for Social Security Disability, and your condition must be on that list to qualify. Your steps to appeal this denial would be to speak to your doctor so that they can perform additional tests to prove the seriousness of your specific condition. It may not be on the qualifying conditions list, but your doctor can help support your claim.

You Make Too Much Money

The purpose of Social Security Disability is to provide for individuals who are unable to earn money. However, this does not mean that you must not earn anything to qualify. There are income caps to qualify, and if you earn above that cap, your claim could be denied. You should show the circumstances of how you earned the money that you did in an appeal and how you will continue to have earnings below the cap while on Social Security Disability.

You Do Not Follow Your Medical Treatment

Social Security Disability is something that people use for short-term disabilities that they eventually recover from. Once a person is recovered and able to work again, they would essentially stop receiving benefits. If you are found to not be following the treatment advice from your doctor, your claim may be denied because it is believed that you are intentionally not working to receive disability benefits. You would then appeal the denial by showing how you are following your medical treatment. 

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