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Communicating With Your Ex During A Divorce

45 states reported 689,308 divorces in 2021 (5 states don't report divorce data). In some cases, both parties experience a clean break. Once the divorce is finalized, both parties can move on with their lives separately. However, when kids are involved, exes must communicate for the sake of the children. Learn more about communicating with your ex during divorce and child support proceedings. 

Avoid Negative Talk 

Divorce often brings up a lot of negative feelings. You may want to express these feelings online or in front of your children. However, these negative outbursts can come back to bite you in court. The courts don't look kindly on disparaging your ex, especially in front of the children. The children don't deserve to be put in those awkward situations. Your ex also doesn't deserve to be publicly humiliated. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. If your ex decides to say rude things about you, don't stoop down to their level.

Keep Conversations on Track 

Exes who don't get along should keep the conversation about the children. However, it can be easy to let the conversation derail from the children to personal issues between you and your ex. When this happens, it can bring up old arguments. It's best to keep conversations brief and pointed to avoid fights. 

There are apps that allow exes to talk to each other exclusively through the app. Each party's lawyers and the court will be able to monitor the conversations in these apps. These apps ensure that both parties are held responsible for what they say in the app. It also ensures that they don't need to speak outside of the app. These are usually only needed in the worst circumstances. 

Settle Arguments in Court

You will likely have arguments with your ex throughout your time raising your children together. When this happens, you can actually damage your point if you allow the argument to get out of hand. Therefore, it's best to take arguments to family court. For immediate mediation, you may need to contact an emergency mediator or even the police. You should abide by the recommendations and then take the matter to court for a permanent (and legal) solution. You won't need to argue with your ex. You'll just let the lawyers handle it, while you and your ex go about your business. 

Communication can lead to divorce. However, you can't stop co-parenting with someone, even if you don't communicate with them well.

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

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