Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Partition Action: When You Can’T Agree On What To Do With Your Co-Owned Home

What It Is A partition action is a way of dividing real estate property owned by several people so that each person can use their portion of the property any way they like. It can be used to divide a home or a vacant land so that each of the owners has their own share. When it's Necessary A partition action becomes necessary when two or more people own a piece of real estate property, but they can't agree on how to use it. Read More 

What Not To Do In Front Of A Judge When Charged With Drug Possession

When it comes to a criminal case involving drug possession, the most important thing for you to remember is that the judge is very powerful. While within the guidelines of the law, judges are at liberty to rely on a great deal of discretion when it comes to deciding on cases. The last thing you want to do is to cast yourself in an even worse light in front of the judge. Read More 

Should You Dissolve Your Business Or File For Bankruptcy?

Owning a small business can amplify the ups and downs that come with any career. When business is good, you may feel on top of the world, and can consider expansion and even franchising plans. When business is bad, you may fear that your entire livelihood and family's financial security could come tumbling down. If your business revenue seems to be steadily declining or you've taken on debt in an attempt to stay afloat, you may be wondering when (or whether) it is time to pull the plug for good. Read More 

Could Your Footwear Cost You A Slip And Fall Lawsuit?

Over a million people in the United States suffer an injury from a slip and fall accident every year, and only automobile accidents kill more people. Given these staggering statistics, it's unsurprising that so many people decide to file slip and fall lawsuits to claim compensation for the injuries they incur. Of course, the outcome of a slip and fall lawsuit depends on many things, some of which may come as a surprise. Read More 

When Pets Attack: Debunking Misconceptions About Who Is To Blame

Many people have pets today, and in a perfect world, all pets would be well-trained to be docile. However, some pet owners allow their pets to be aggressive, while others try to teach pets to be well-behaved but fail in the end. Many pets unleash aggression when least expected, and this can lead to them biting a stranger or friend or causing them harm in some other way. The culprits are not always dogs, as cats, reptiles, and even rodents are common pets today that can injure humans. Read More 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Welcome, I'm Darby Church. I'd like to share my journey from retail manager to business owner using this website. My attempts to start a business of my own were complicated by the actions of an unethical party. In short, I shared too much information about my products and they were stolen before I could get the business off the ground. Luckily, I had already filed a trademark for those items, which meant they were protected by the law. I still had to hire a lawyer to help me win the case. I took the complaint to court to end the run of products from my unlawful competitor, so I could start running my business. The process enlightened me about the ins and outs of trademark law. I hope my experience can help you avoid the same pitfalls or fight for your products with help from a lawyer. Thanks for visiting.