Understanding Trademark Law Protections

3 Tips After Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Denied

Social security disability insurance exists so that eligible workers can receive financial compensation if they become disabled and can no longer work. Having your social security disability claim approved means that you will begin receiving monthly paychecks from the government, easing the financial pressure of disability-related unemployment. Unfortunately, an average of 65% of social security disability claims are denied the first time around. Here are three tips to follow if this happens to you: Read More 

4 Ways To Prevent Workers’ Compensation From Being Paid

The key to getting through a challenging time may well rest in filing for workers' compensation if you've been hurt on the job. While this may not be something, you want to do, it's likely to be necessary if you're suddenly unable to perform at work. It's possible to get some assistance from your employer if you file a claim, but you will need to do the right things rather than the wrong ones. Read More 

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Understanding Trademark Law Protections

Welcome, I'm Darby Church. I'd like to share my journey from retail manager to business owner using this website. My attempts to start a business of my own were complicated by the actions of an unethical party. In short, I shared too much information about my products and they were stolen before I could get the business off the ground. Luckily, I had already filed a trademark for those items, which meant they were protected by the law. I still had to hire a lawyer to help me win the case. I took the complaint to court to end the run of products from my unlawful competitor, so I could start running my business. The process enlightened me about the ins and outs of trademark law. I hope my experience can help you avoid the same pitfalls or fight for your products with help from a lawyer. Thanks for visiting.